For Clothes to Last Longer:


-It is important that the clothes to be washed are separated correctly. Clothes should be grouped according to their colors, product features and usage areas, and washed in the right program with the appropriate detergent and temperature.

-Machine washing of clothes that are indicated on the care label that they can only be dry cleaned will cause damage to the product. 

-It is recommended to iron the shirt collar and cuffs on the reverse so that the collar and cuffs do not shine and the color does not fade.

-If it is stated on the care label that the clothes can be washed, the process should be done in the delicate washing program of the machine.. 

-Ürünün bakım etiketinde belirtildiği şekilde kurutma yapılmalıdır. Trikolar asılarak kurutulduğunda sarkma şeklinde deforme olurlar. Bu nedenle sererek kurutma yöntemi tercih edilmelidir.

-Clothes with dry cleaning expression on the care label, such as suits, jackets, coats, should be cleaned only by dry cleaning. It is recommended to ventilate the garment before use for odors that may occur after dry cleaning.

-We do not recommend machine washing for cotton products. You can extend the life of the product by hand washing.

-We do not recommend machine washing for your shawls. However, if you don't have time and you need to wash in the machine, switch your machine to the most sensitive program and cancel the spinning process. Do not prewash. Set the water temperature between 20-30 degrees.


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