Square Collar Shirt Black

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This square-necked shirt, with its iridescent pearl buttons, offers a chic appearance and is a classic piece that can be worn in any season. With its comfortable fit and elegant details, it is suitable for both work and everyday wear. The material used is high-quality poplin fabric.

Size 1 Length: 85cm, Chest: 52cm, Waist: 60cm, Hips: 69cm, Sleeve Length: 57cm, Shoulder Width: 38cm, Slit Depth: 12cm. Size 2 Length: 85cm, Chest: 55cm, Waist: 62cm, Hips: 72cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm, Shoulder Width: 40cm, Slit Depth: 12cm. Model Measurements Height: 175cm Size: 36.
Kumaş Bilgileri
%35 Polyester %65 Pamuk
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